Base Unit

The Base Unit Controls the Goose Deterrent

Simulated Installation Security System

The Goose Guardian Canada goose deterrent repels, manages, and gets rid of geese using two components: the Base Unit and the Hazing Device. The Base Unit of the Goose Guardian contains the Image Sensor, electronics, and security system, and the top of the Base Unit supports the Hazing Device. The Image Sensor is factory-configured to detect geese as they approach the unit while feeding and leaving goose droppings that create a nuisance. The Base Unit is installed in front of the feature needing protection so that the Image Sensor can scan the area for presence of geese. As geese approach, the Image Sensor triggers the Hazing Device to effectively scare the problem geese away.

The Base Unit hardware provides the ability to secure the Goose Guardian to the ground to prevent theft. A ground anchor, supplied with the product, can be easily installed at the deployment location and the Base Unit is secured to the ground anchor with a locking anchor pin. The integrated key lock on the Hazing Device locks to the Base Unit to prevent access to the ground-mounting hardware, securing the Goose Guardian in place. This simple security system installs in minutes, is completely portable and allows the unit to be removed temporarily if needed for grounds maintenance or activities in the area.

With the Hazing Device installed, a weather seal between the Hazing Device and Base Unit allows the Goose Guardian to operate in most weather conditions including rain and snow. While the rain and snow may affect the detection of geese, the Goose Guardian does not need to be brought indoors or covered. The weatherproofing also allows the Goose Guardian to remain in place even when the sprinklers are operating.