Rent-to-Own Program

Keep Geese Out with our Low Risk Offer!

If you are not sure if the Goose Guardian is right for you, we are offering a Rent-To-Own Program that allows you pay as you go. At any time during the Rent-To-Own period, you may return the Goose Guardian to terminate your participation without any further payment requirements. At the end of the one (1) year Rent-To-Own period, you own the unit and can continue to have the Goose Guardian chase those nasty geese away!

To participate in the Goose Guardian Rent-To-Own program, contact us through the contact form immediately. From there, we'll set you up with our Rent-To-Own agreement that includes the following payment schedule:

Beginning of Month 1 $100.00
Month 2 $100.00
Month 3 $100.00
Month 4 $100.00
Month 5 $100.00
Month 6 $500.00
Month 7 $100.00
Month 8 $100.00
Month 9 $100.00
Month 10 $100.00
Month 11 $100.00
Month 12 $100.00
Total $1,600.00

Simply sign the Rent-To-Own agreement, return it to us with a payment of $100.00 and we'll ship you a unit so you can immediately start scaring away the geese. Remember, you can return the unit at any time without any further payment requirements - including at the end of the first month! Any payments made as part of the Rent-To-Own program are non-refundable however.

Don't delay in scaring geese away - sign-up today!