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The Goose Guardian continues to demonstrate successful Canadian goose deterrence in a variety of field sites. TKO Enterprises has additional programs underway for turkey and White-Tailed deer so check back regularly for the latest developments with this revolutionary wildlife management product.

TKO Enterprises announces first commercial Goose Guardian sale to Fort Logan National Cemetery

First Sale! - View Press Release

February 2012. Boulder, Colorado. TKO Enterprises, Inc. announced it has completed the first sale and commercial deployment of the Goose Guardian, a revolutionary Canada goose deterrent. The Goose Guardian uses an image recognition sensor to detect the presence of Canada geese...

The Audubon International's fact sheet on Canada geese states:

"Visual tactics should be used on a varied schedule & alternated to prevent geese from becoming used to them... if this (noise makers) are combined or alternated with other methods just as geese are coming, it can be effective." Goose Guardian meets BOTH of these requirements.