Securing the Goose Guardian

Directions on How to Install the Goose Control Device

The Base Unit provides the ability to secure the Goose Guardian to the ground to prevent theft. A ground anchor is supplied with the product that can be easily installed at the deployment location and the Base Unit is secured to the ground anchor with a locking anchor pin. The integrated key lock on the Hazing Device locks to the Base Unit preventing access to ground-mounting hardware, securing the Goose Guardian in place. This simple security system installs in minutes and is completely portable. To set the ground anchor, start by driving the ground anchor into the ground with a hammer so that the auger is in contact with the ground.

Using a length of pipe, piece of rebar, tire iron or something similar, slide it through the ground anchor eyelet so that the pipe is centered. Place your hands at either end of the pipe and apply downward pressure with your body weight while turning the pipe clockwise.

Continue to apply downward pressure while turning the ground anchor and it will slowly drive into the ground.

Turn the anchor into the ground until the bottom of the eyelet is recessed into the ground about a half an inch.

Hints: If your ground is hard, rocky or may have roots in the area, you can drive a pipe or piece of rebar into the ground to create a pilot hole. Also, if the anchor stops going in, a few whacks with the hammer will help.

Position the eyelet so that it is parallel to the field of view. Remove the lid of the Goose Guardian that houses the Hazing Device by unlocking it from the Base Unit. Unplug the Hazer and set it aside.

Set the Base Unit on the eyelet with the camera lens facing the field of view such that the slot in the security bracket lines up with the eyelet.

Optionally, you can wrap the power cord around the anchor eyelet and set the Goose Guardian on the cord so it does not pull free.

Insert the retaining pin and clip the bracket over the pin to lock it in place.