Image Sensor

Learn About the Canada Goose Image Recognition Sensor

The key element of the revolutionary Goose Guardian is TKO's patent-pending Image Sensor, which manages activation of the hazing method. The Image Sensor provides the Demand Performance capability of the Goose Guardian and is central to implementing the wildlife behavior modification technique found only in the Goose Guardian. Demand Performance allows the Goose Guardian to remain effective over time, getting rid of your nuisance Canada geese and their nasty droppings!

The Image Sensor uses specially-configured software algorithms to analyze an image captured from the field of view. The analysis uses several processing steps to arrive at its conclusion, determining with high degree of probability whether a goose is present in the image.

The Image Sensor is optimized for a range of 30 feet but will detect geese at lesser and greater distances. The optimized range is matched to the effectiveness of the Hazing Device. The geese must be close enough to be scared away, otherwise they will habituate to the hazing method and it simply becomes an annoyance at a distance.

The Image Sensor is a self-contained opto-electrical device housed in a weatherproof enclosure and configured prior to delivery to a customer. The Image Sensor and its associated electronics are mounted in the Base Unit.

Image Sensor