How it Works

How to Get Rid of Canadian Geese and Goose Droppings

The Goose Guardian scares and repels Canada geese from your property using a wildlife behavior modification technique to prevent the pests from entering into areas where they cause a nuisance. By triggering the Hazing Device only as they approach, the geese associate their behavior with the scary motion and sound produced by the Goose Guardian - the same principle used to housebreak dogs. And because it only triggers for geese, the geese do not get used to it (habituate), which means the Goose Guardian will remain effective over time. No more goose poop on your sidewalk, dock or other areas where the disgusting droppings cause a mess!

The Goose Guardian is TKO Enterprises' revolutionary product that incorporates modern electronics, imaging technology, and electro-mechanical designs to provide first-of-kind animal deterrence. The on-board processor controls the camera and Hazing Device and runs the application software that includes one or more digital analysis algorithms. The electronics, software and camera components are part of TKO Enterprises' patent-pending Image Sensor, which manages activation of the hazing method. The Image Sensor uses the specially configured software algorithms to analyze an image captured from the camera's field of view. The result of the analysis allows the software to arrive at a conclusion, determining with high degree of probability whether or not the animal of interest is present in the image.

The Goose Guardian software is trained to identify Canada geese. Sample images from multiple locations with variable lighting and weather conditions were used to train the software to recognize Canada geese. Training the Image Sensor involves both positive and negative situations and unfortunately, all possible situations cannot be represented. When the Goose Guardian triggers the Hazing Device when no geese are present, this is called a false-positive trigger. This can happen and usually occurs when a combination of some features from the foreground (an object in the field of view) combines with some features in the background and "fools" the computer model. TKO Enterprises has managed the detection of geese and minimizing the occurrence of a false-positive with equal emphasis. Furthermore, it is the Company's position that the performance of the Goose Guardian is indeterminate when presented with other birds from the Anseriformes order (swans, snow geese, ducks, loons, flamingos, pelicans, etc.). The birds from this group may regularly trigger the Goose Guardian.

The software application that runs on the Goose Guardian contains other functions to help tailor the operation of the system to a particular location. Software settings include:

  • Disable the Hazer for certain periods of the day
  • Specify the length of time the Hazer remains on when triggered
  • Minimum time between hazing events
  • Shortening the detection distance
  • Number of images to capture for each detection

This last setting capitalizes on the ability of the Goose Guardian to save images when it detects a goose (or detects something it thinks is a goose). The image capture setting allows images to be saved for a period of time before and after the device triggers so that an "event" is created. This feature was used extensively in the development of the Goose Guardian and is available for customers. The captured images on the Goose Guardian can be retrieved by simply inserting a properly labeled USB memory stick into one of the available USB ports.

The current product release of the Goose Guardian not only uses a USB memory stick to download images but also to upload different device settings and new versions of software when released. This allows the Goose Guardian to stay current with improvements to the software and allows it to be tailored for a particular location if necessary.