About Goose Guardian

Canada Goose Pest Control and Management Device

TKO Enterprises, Inc. (TKO) is a start-up technology development company located in Boulder County, Colorado, and is dedicated to pioneering new object recognition image sensor technology. TKO's core competency is centered around the development, configuration and application of image analysis applications for commercial use on it low cost, embedded systems sensor. TKO is investigating and quantifying several markets while the first application is an automatic, viable and persistent goose deterrent device. Once the sensor is market proven with our goose deterrent, several adjacent variations of the pest deterrent market are present and more importantly a variety of other industry opportunities exist for TKO's sensor. TKO's sensor technology is targeted for the general sensor industry, which is predicted to reach $12.7 billion worldwide by 2012, with imaging sensors such as ours expected to have the greatest year-over-year increases in sales volume. Automotive, consumer, energy, manufacturing, medical, military, security and transportation markets all identify needs for the use of image based sensors in the coming years and expect double-digit sales increases according to a broad spectrum of analysts' reports.