Hazing Devices

Interchangeable Methods for Scaring Canada Geese

Goose Guardian is a solution for your goose problem and is currently available with 3 different Hazing Devices, each of which combines a motion and sound components effect that is effective at scaring Canada geese away from areas where goose droppings cause a nuisance. The different Hazing Devices are interchangeable with the Goose Guardian Base Unit and can be quickly swapped out to deploy a different hazing method in the same location. Each type of hazing device startles and scares the geese away from the area without harming them.

The development of the Goose Guardian Hazing Devices has involved various field experiments to categorize effective motion and sound components that in combination are effective at deterring Canada geese. Three (3) designs have matured to Production versions and are currently available for purchase. The following video clips demonstrate the Hazing Device operation.


The Helo Hazer...


The Tuber Hazer...


The Paddlewheel Hazer...