Canadian Goose Deterrent

The Goose Guardian is a new, humane Canada Goose deterrent. This innovative animal management device controls goose pests to prevent their nuisance droppings from soiling sidewalks, docks and other areas. Two models are available for purchase for home, business or government property. Be ready for the coming migration and order today!

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    Goose Guardian is the first ever Canada Goose deterrent to include animal behavior modification using demand performance for wildlife control – meaning it only goes off when geese approach. The Goose Guardian scares geese away using an integrated hazing device designed for wildlife damage management. Unlike goose dogs, the Goose Guardian needs no supervision. No repeated applications of expensive, ineffective chemicals are required. Goose poop creates a mess and health hazard and the Goose Guardian prevents geese from loafing or nesting in undesired areas by repelling them away.

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   Be ready for the coming migration! You know they be back and making a mess of everything. Goose Guardian is now in production and can be ordered On-Line! Go to our secure order page and purchase the Goose Guardian with a credit card.
   TKO Enterprises is looking for additional Rent-to-Own sites to develop more Case Studies. We'll provide you with a Goose Guardian to Try It Now! at your location and become a Case Study. Review Rent-to-Own site requirements and how to submit your location for the Rent-to-Own Program.

Case Studies Get Rid of geese

   Read about Goose Guardian stories. We've posted Case Studies to provide real-life operation of the Goose Guardian and its ability to keep geese away. Our Case Studies are supported by scientific testing performed by the USDA’s National Wildlife Research Center. See our Press Release and a summary of the USDA's Evaluation.

USDA National Wildlife Research Center

The Goose Guardian is featured in a Technology Transfer video produced by the USDA National Wildlife Research Center.

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    The Tuber Hazer is an inflating dancing nylon tube with blower sound.